Reset Password

If you have users who are struggling to remember their password you can simply and quickly send them a reset token. Follow the steps below...

 There are three ways to reset a users Password


1. Log into your content management system



2. Click on "forgot your password?"

3. Enter the user's email address in the field that asks for an email

4. Click on "reset password"

5. Alert the customer that you have sent them an email with instructions to reset their password


#2 Using your device open the app  and click on "I forgot my password"

enter your email and click on reset password. That's it! You will see a notification stating " If your email exists in our database,  you will receive an email with instructions about how to reset your password in a few minutes."

Now simply look in your email for the email

open the email and follow the instructions.


#3 If you are a Content Manager, there is a 3rd way to reset a users password. Log into the CMS https://<yourcompany> then hit the button. This will bring you to all the users of your app.

In the search area type in the user's email and tap on the reset password button

The user should then receive an email with instruction on how to reset their password.


In each case, should you experience an error or any trouble create a ticket by emailing stating your difficulties.




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