How to Create Content Tags and Tag Collections





Creating tags within your content management system is a great way to help your partners find the information that is most important to them. Attaching a tag to your daily/weekly posts can help create organization and easier segmentation within your app content.

A content tag is a non-hierarchical keyword or term assigned to a piece of information. This kind of metadata helps describe an item and allows it to be found with ease.

A tag collection is a group in which your content tags belong to.

A post is the selected content that you are sharing. This might some exciting news regarding your company, new product releases, event updates, images, news article references and more.


Creating a tag collection is important because this is how you will be organizing your tags. For this example we created a tag group and simply named it “tags”. If you do not have a tag collection created you will not be able to create new tags.

2. Create a tag collection name and choose a color to associate with the new collection. Here is a great tool for finding color codes

3. Once you have saved the tag collection you are ready to make your content tags.



4.  Create as many tags as you’d like under the tag collection you’ve created. Click save when you have finished.


Example of a completed tag collection with the one I created:

5. Attaching a content tag is easy now that you’ve set them all up. You will need to create a post by selecting the green make a post button above the panels.

6. Once selecting make a post you will need to complete the information surrounding the post you are going to create.



  • Create a title for your post
  • Fill in the body of your post (400 character minimum)
  • Add a link if applicable  (not needed)
  • Attach an image if applicable (not needed)


You also have the option to schedule and expire your posts if it applies to the content you’ve created.

 7. Select the feed group(s) you’d like to broadcast this post to and the content tags that apply.


Once completed select save!


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