Desktop App and CMS Access

If your Desktop App is activated, the URL for CMS access changes.

To access the Desktop App, simply log in using this format using a fresh browser session (to insure no caching issues):

The Desktop App is supported on these browsers:

  • Chrome- Latest version
  • Firefox- Latest version
  • Internet Explorer- 10 and 11 (11 preferred)
  • Safari- Latest version:
    • Mountain Lion- 6.2.5
    • Mavericks- 7.1.5
    • Yosemite- 8.0.5

The new CMS url is:



For you Admins who want to view the CMS and the App at the same time- you will need to open one in your normal session and the other in a fresh incognito session. 

Use your personal credentials in the App and your Super Admin credentials for the CMS. 

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