Desktop App and CMS Access

If your Desktop App is activated, the URL for CMS access changes.

To access the Desktop App, simply log in using this format using a fresh browser session (to ensure no caching issues):

The Desktop App is supported in these browsers:

  • Chrome- Latest version
  • Firefox- Latest version
  • Internet Explorer- 10 and 11 (11 preferred)
  • Safari- Latest version:
    • Mountain Lion- 6.2.5
    • Mavericks- 7.1.5
    • Yosemite- 8.0.5

The new CMS URL is:



For you Admins who want to view the CMS and the App at the same time- you will need to open one in your normal session and the other in a fresh incognito session. 

Use your personal credentials in the App and your Super Admin credentials for the CMS. 


Another tip is to use Firefox or Internet Explorer to view the CMS and Chrome Browser for the App.

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