How do I create a card deck?

Cards for decks must be 640x480 pixels in size and must be in a .jpeg format to upload them to the CMS.

The easiest way to format your cards using these criteria is to use the attached PowerPoint file; PowerPoint is easy to use to design cards, the slide size is already formatted correctly, and when they are finished, you can save the slides as .jpeg images directly from PowerPoint.

Direct your browser to <yourcompany> and log in.

Click on the Decks button

you will be taken to Decks Area and click on

This is a 2 part process. Fill out the Boxes

then scroll to the bottom and hit Save

The page will refresh with the Deck was successfully created. notification on top.

It is then that the  button will appear again on the very bottom of the page. Click this and add your card(s) to the deck


It is possible to add a front and back card (creating a 2 sided card) along with a URL if you choose. Many folks will add the URL for the last card in a multi-card deck, as it will open a separate browser window to the specified URL. Each time you add a card(s) click save to update the cards.
The cards can be arranged once you are done by dragging them to the position you wish (in case you did not upload them in order) to make the cards meaningful. Once satisfied that the cards are in the order you desire, be sure to click to save your configuration.



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