Is there a way to view a list of all Users in my App?

Currently, the best way to get a list of all your users is through the analytics. Follow these instructions to find a list of users:

  1. Click on My Analyics on the left toolbar in the CMS. 
  2. The date range of the report is on the upper right. Move the date back to before when your App was in use to get all users. Do this by clicking the first date in the range and selecting a new date on the calendar that pops up. 
  3. Export the report. Do this by clicking the spreadsheet icon to the left of the report date range. The report will download as an Excel workbook.
  4. Open the workbook and Enable Editing. 
  5. The workbook has many sheets. One is called Users.

The Users sheet includes all the users that logged into the App during the selected date range, and since the date range chosen was the entire time the App has been live, the Users sheet will show all the users that have ever logged into the App.

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