Getting Ready

  1. Identify what groups you will need.
    1. How do you want to segregate your content and/or Views. (Language, role, Partner Type…etc)
      1. Think about Maintenance. Who will be updating each group? 
      2. Organizations are assigned a feed or persona which is based on the company domain. If ABC Company has a domain of for their English and French areas you will not be able to segregate the individuals.  What you will want to do is add them to the English AND French Feeds.  They can then select which group they are in after signing into the app.
    2. My Company in the CMS is based on the Domain we set up in the beginning. If you have other offices with different email domains you will need to create “Dummy” accounts with the same domain to give them access to the CMS.
      1. Who needs access to the CMS?
        1. While most users will show up in the CMS they should be provided the lowest level of access. Those adding content can be Admins or Super Admins
        2. Admins have the ability to add content for the Feeds they are assigned to.
  • Super Admins have the ability to change, add, and remove content from all parts of the CMS.

Building the Personas

  1. This will be equivalent to building a new app for each persona.
    1. Are colors going to be different? This is highly customizable.  You can have different looks for all of your areas.  What will make the user experience better for your different groups?
    2. Languages? We do not translate.  If you would like to segregate content by language we will need you to provide the translation for all screens and buttons.  [Example: Home screen would be Zuhause exact German translation but Ziel might be more appropriate]
    3. Bottom buttons? Buttons may change too.  You may have deal reg for Resellers, but Decks for Distributors.  You may want new buttons for not being used yet.  I different wall feed or twitter wall.
    4. Social Media and Contacts updates? Twitter, facebook, blogs and your Contact Us details may change on region or partner level.  This will need to be provided and confirmed for each group.
  2. You will work with me and a developer to design each persona. Depending on the changes and number of personas this project will take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. 
    1. We will utilize a staging server for this time.

Training and Launch

  1. Once the personas are built and approved what are the next steps.
    1. Training: We have a Customer Success page which has Basic training as well as training on the key CMS responsibilities. This should be provided to all new CMS Admins and Super Admins.
    2. Follow up Live sessions held by me (Customer Success Manager). This would be a meeting for questions on how to do certain things or functionality. 
    3. Materials: What will the end user need to know about the app? Will they be navigating personas or is it automatic?  Adding to the Resource Center, Welcome Post or part of the Launch plan. 
    4. Whitelisting: With the provided template we will be able to assign organizations to the correct Feeds, making the user experience better. They will see their organization and be allowed in once they confirm their account via email.


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