Creating Content in the CMS

open a browser and direct the URL to <yourcompanyname>

use your credentials to log in.

Then click on.

This will direct you to content posting.

Most of the rest is self-explanatory with error prompt if not enough details are entered.

Enter a Brief meaningful Title about your post. This is so you can locate it later if you wish to edit the post at a later time. This will also be the Heading of your post
Enter the context of your post. This should be meaningful content in relation to the title of the post
A link can be added:If this is a post to share socially (i.e. for users to share on Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter this must be filled out) a fully qualified URL must be used.
 You can schedule your post to appear in the app at a later date and time and chose to remove it as well. Clicking on either brings a calender popup to schedule a date and time of your choosing. Ensure you also choose the correct time zone that you are posting from. 
This allows the post to show on the main wall or not. Depending on your preference. There are other advantages to this that will be discussed in another post
This allows the viewers of the app to share the post on Social  Syndications: Specifically Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
. This allows the Manager to include Document or Videos that are located in the Apps resource center. The Manager needs to ensure the permissions of the Document coincide with the feeds you choose to make the post available to.

Groups: This is where you decide who can see this post, be it an internal post, public or a semi-private feed where you have allowed groups to be part of.

Content Tags: Are ways to meaningfully tag posts that allow them to be searched and or tapped/clicked on to find other related material(s) with the same tag

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